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    But there is no confirmed report that Bo bought or sold public office. Xu said Fan lost his rank last year when he was implicated during the investigation against Liu, and is now a regular police officer. A propaganda officer from Sunitezuoqi confirmed that Fan Cheng was its last police chief. In a heavily regulated country where the government controls resources, it seems almost all government offices Xilinhot Prostitute in be a profit-making enterprise. It is the government seat to Xilingol, a Nebraska-sized region of about 1 million people where coal-mine pits are Xilinhot Prostitute in from the premium grasslands. Office-buying is just one facet of the pervasive corruption culture in China, Xilinhot Prostitute in government officials routinely embezzle public funds, take bribes in awarding contracts, and favor family and friends in promotion. It received just a one-line mention in state media. Li himself paid Suihua party secretary Ma De to be a county party secretary. Transportation officials take kickbacks for road projects. Police chiefs dismiss cases for private payments.

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