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    These data were objects of comparison, existing information about the square, photographs, primary and secondary documents and information collected on visits in loco. This work execution consisted of the two steps: Analyzing old photographs of the Dr. Initially the public thoroughfares were baptized by the people without even knowing the reason why and over time the denominations were endorsed in the context of the official documents as being expressive term of reference. The square in study is part of the historical center of the city, and all its surroundings are overturned. It is noticed that this change of vegetation pattern limited the field of Rei Prostitute del in Joao Sao of the Rei Prostitute del in Joao Sao, creating a feeling of denseness. In addition to the research carried out in the historical collections of the city, the site was studied by means of surveys of data in loco, in order to recognize the current state of the Dr.

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