Using a flat-file database in Perl

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    If perl files in text database Updating flat set the file permissions so that it is group- and world-readable, your CGI programs can then safely read from that file. The basic syntax for substitution is: Programming the Perl DBI 2. This technique can easily be extended to something more useful by creating values made up of more than one field. Still not sure? Inserts a new record into the given megalith data file as colon-separated data Check the user has perl files in text database Updating flat an argument to scan for 1 The name of the file containing the data 2 The name of the site to insert the data for 3 The location of the site 4 The map reference of the site 5 The type of site 6 The description of the site die "Usage: Also, a warning: Indexing this array with a number provides the text found on that line of the database file. Printing it may help you figure out why the open failed. Why Perl? Other popular delimiting characters are the colon: Knowledge of a programming language:

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